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The “Hills Of Portalon” and the “Ridges Of Portalon”

When you buy land inside of our exclusive ocean view community, you will take full ownership of a valuable property located inside of a premier development located only minutes from the tropical beaches on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. As you tour our properties, you will notice the careful thought process went into the creation of the Hills Of Portalon.

Totaling 357 acres, the community includes 140 acres of private rainforest reserve, approximately 27 premier land parcels and our new Ridges Of Portalon “micro-community” with 7 home sites with building pads large enough for a comfortable residence, a pool, and private gardens.

Regardless of what you buy, all properties include our high-quality amenities and infrastructure with electric service, a private water supply, an excellent internal road system, an ownership share of our nature reserve and miles of hiking and horse riding trails.

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Ridges of Portalon Land Parcels
Ridges of Portalon Club House
Ridges of Portalon
Ridges of Portalon View


Affordable Ocean View Community Home Sites

Lot 1 4,426 m2 1.09 $95,000
Lot 2 4,426 m2 1.09 SOLD
Lot 3 3,792 m2 0.93 SOLD
Lot 4 3,100 m2 0.76 SOLD
Lot 5 4,400 m2 1.08 SOLD
Lot 6 5,010 m2 1.23 $125,000
Lot 7 5,004 m2 1.23 SOLD

Why The Ridges?

Purchasing a home site and building a home at the “Ridges Of Portalon” is one of the smartest and most affordable ways to own a personal vacation getaway in Costa Rica.

You can own a brand new, ocean view villa with an incredible location at a fraction of the price of buying an existing “move-in-ready” home that either has a builder’s premium attached or perhaps a home that has received a lot of wear and tear.

After consulting with us regarding the building process in Costa Rica, you will realize that building a home – to your exact standards – is the way to go. You can rely on our network of contractors, and architects with “ready to go” or custom home designs.

If you are looking to own a hassle free home, located in a safe community with great infrastructure, contact us today to learn more about the Ridges of Portalon.

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Hills of Portalon Land Parcels
Hills of Portalon Land Parcel
Hills of Portalon Home Sites
Hills of Portalon Estates


Large Ocean View Estate Sized Land Parcels

Lot 6 6ha 2558 m2 15.34 $549,000
Lot 16a 1ha 8,107 m2 4.47 $165,000
Lot 16b 8,416 m2 1.93 $175,000
Lot 17a 2ha 1,690 m2 5.36 $175,000
Lot 17b 1ha 5,313 m2 3.75 $145,000
Lot 18 2ha 1,241 m2 5.22 $239,000
Lot 19 3ha 4,719 m2 8.54 $199,000
Lot 20a 1ha 2,325 m2 3.04 $145,000
Lot 20b 1ha 597 m2 2.61 $145,000
Lot 21 1ha 5,324 m2 3.76 $130,000
Lot 24 15ha 910 m2 37.27 $649,000

Why The Hills?

For a buyer seeking the perfect location to build a showcase dream home in Costa Rica, the “Hills Of Portalon” should be on your short list of “must see” places to visit on your Costa Rican real estate tour.

Our large estate sized parcels feature ocean views, huge developable areas and beautiful rainforest zones that will provide a natural privacy buffer from your neighbors.

The Hills Of Portalon parcels will provide the perfect canvas to build the home of you dreams. It is an exclusive location with Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast at your doorstep. Ocean views, luxurious pools, manicured grounds, horse stables, private rainforest trails – the sky is the limit at the Hills Of Portalon.

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Perched in the mountains at elevations ranging from 500 to 1,300 feet, you will enjoy the beauty and solitude of the rainforest with a perfect climate cooled by fresh ocean breezes. The panoramic ocean views and lush jungle vistas are truly awe inspiring. Flora and fauna are in abundance which brings you in tune with nature and its diversity. An abundance of pasture land is perfect for owners desiring horses.

Approximately 140 acres of rainforest is held in a community reserve owned by lot purchasers. This community ownership with conservation minded neighbors ensures that the land here will remain protected and you can take pride in preserving important wildlife corridors in the Costa Rican rainforest.

By building your dream home in such a magnificent location, you will have the use of hundreds of acres beyond your own home site, while helping to preserve the natural beauty of the Portalon area. This excellent investment opportunity allows you to be part of a new way of living in harmony with nature in a high end, eco-friendly Costa Rican development.

Hills of Portalon Property

100% Titled Properties Ready For Development With No Hidden Surprises

For those who jump into purchasing a random property in Costa Rica without fully researching the buying and building process, they may be in store for a painful and costly lesson. That beautiful ocean view property that you just bought for a song – guess what? You might not be able to get legal permits to build on it!

Maybe the building site is located in a “set back” by being to close to a river or spring, maybe it doesn’t have an approved water supply, maybe the building site has “old growth” trees that can’t be cut down, maybe the property has multiple parties claiming ownership. Perhaps there are expensive extra costs associated with developing the property like grading an access road, drilling a well or bringing electricity to the property – not to mention the time and expense of hiring lawyers to file permits and waiting for the local municipalities to even look at your documents – let alone approve them.

At the Hills Of Portalon, you will have none of these worries. Through our extensive experience developing property in Costa Rica, the Hills Of Portalon is perfectly positioned with an ideal balance between development and conservation. Our approved water supply is stable, our building sites have been graded and are ready for development, electric infrastructure runs to each parcel, our high quality road system provides easy access for equipment, and our conservation areas are registered.

You can take peace of mind knowing that you are making a safe and sound investment in a development with a proven track record. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to hearing from you.

Portalon Sunset
Internal Road System
Graded Building Home Sites