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Protecting your view and the nature that surrounds you

The Hills of Portalon Estates has been blessed with an abundance of primary rainforest and we intend to keep it that way.  As developers of the Hills of Portalon, we have placed much (40% of our land) of the natural forest in one biological reserve under the name of “Hills of Portalon Reserva S.A.”  It is our desire to preserve and protect these lands indefinitely and permit all property owners to have access to and enjoy the natural beauty of the protected lands.

Several natural springs and quebradas (streams) are included in the reserve and need to be protected. We have foot paths along and through some of the reserve areas and these trails will be for the sole use of Hills of Portalon Estates property owners and their guests.

Any lot sold in the Hills of Portalon Estates will receive one stock share, or partial share of Hills of Portalon Reserva S.A. and the share/partial share must be transferred to a new owner when the parcel is resold. The reserve area encompasses approximately 140 acres throughout the Hills of Portalon development. The stock share will permit all property owners access to reserve areas.

In Awareness of Nature,

Bob Klenz – Developer

The Hills of Portalon Estates & The Ridges of Portalon

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